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Features #

Counter compatible with our compact, high-precision DK series of digital gauges

  • Maxmum display resolution : 0.1μm
  • Zero point detection
  • BCD and RS-232C I/O models are available.
  • Compact and lightweight: DIN standardsize (W 72mm x H 72mm)
  • Comparator
  • Reset/Preset
  • Alarm for exceeded maxresponse speed and disconnected measuring unit
  • Setting value storage
  • 2-axis ADD/SUB (2-axis model only)


LT30 Catalog #

Download (PDF, 1.48MB)

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LT30 Manual #

(English manual begins on page 55)

Download (PDF, 1.49MB)

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LT30 Supplement

(English manual begins on page 2)

Download (PDF, 94KB)

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LT30-1G Drawing #

Download (DXF, 777KB)

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LT30-1GC Drawing #

Download (DXF, 786KB)

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LT30-1GB Drawing #

Download (DXF, 772KB)

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LT30-2G Drawing #

Download (DXF, 822KB)

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LT30-2GC Drawing #

Download (DXF, 847KB)

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LT30-2GB Drawing #

Download (DXF, 841KB)

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LT30-1G, LT30-1GB, LT30-1GCLT30-2G, LT30-2GB, LT30-2GC, LY71, LY72, LZ71-B, LZ71-BT01, LZ71-KR, LH70-1, LH70-2, LH70-3, LH71-1, LH71-2, LH71-3, LH72-3

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