MG40 Series

Intelligent network measurement system which enables high-speed communication, multi-axis measurement, and data management. New measurement system integrates the primary functions of a counter into the gauge itself to a high degree. The MG40 series does not have to count analog outputs or AB phase outputs of the gauge and acquires positional information directly via full digital communication. The theoretical response speed is 20 times faster than the response speed of previous models. Miscounts, caused by external noise, are eliminated and the system is capable of instantly recovering from a communication error by way of re-reads.

  • Ethernet and CC-Link models are available
  • High-speed and highly reliable communication shortens cycle times
    • High-speed communication via Ethernet
    • Communication error detection
    • High-speed RISC processor dedicated to communication
    • Our proprietary high-speed processor for multi-axis data processing
    • Newly developed ASIC
  • Quick and simple wiring connections
    • Connection via a hub
    • PLC connections
    • Acquiring individual gauge information
    • DIN rail mount and frontal connections
  • Maximized system efficiency
    • On the path to a revolution in quality
    • High-speed measurements enable shorter cycle time
    • Lower overall system costs

Download (PDF, 1.45MB)





MG41-NE, MG42-4

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