Quick Block™

Quick Block 1000 #

Compact, universal, high accuracy measuring device available with ± 5 mm range. Supplied with built-in full-bridge (LVDT) or half-bridge (HBT) transducer, or user can install any Marposs Red Crown / Digi Crown probes device, or other measuring sensors, linear encoders with clamping diameter 8 mm or 3/8” for all third party electronic units.  Features a twin linear ball bushing mechanical transmission, spring activated with gaiters to protect the bearings – IP65. It is extremely robust, can be used in any position and can be equipped with pneumatic actuation to facilitate part loading/unloading in the measuring station.  Precision ring dowels ensure each unit can be located repeatably in any gauge or fixture assuring the measuring contact is precisely positioned every time, even when something is replaced on the system.  It is completely toolable / retoolable by the customer, using their own contact designs, or standard measuring arms and contacts can be supplied from stock.

Marposs Quickblock2 Image

Marposs Quick Block

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